LEV User Manuals

 Health & Safety publication HSE HSG258 has the following to say regarding LEV User Manuals:


A manual should cover how to use the system, how to maintain it, the spares 

available and a list of things that can go wrong. It should contain an exploded 

diagram naming key components of the LEV. 


The employer, as owner of the LEV system, requires a user manual because: 

they may not understand the technicalities of the LEV system; 

LEV checking and maintenance will improve with good instructions and 

guidance; it will assist the examination and test of the LEV system. 

Find out more about HSE HSG258 here

Customised to the system

Each manual is written for the specific item of LEV and includes a comprehensive overview and clear understanding to the operator. 

User friendly drawings

The manuals contain detailed illustrations to safely indicate the correct procedure to ensure that the user is always operating safely and aware of the hazards.

PPE & RPE procedures

Fully illustrated user instructions regarding the safe removal and disposal of PPE such as goggles and gloves and reducing cross contamination.