Testing Equipment

We only use fully BISRIA callibrated testing equipment and carry multiple units of each type as standard. For perforated grille systems we use a TSI Vane Anemonetor unit and for open face or slot type extract, an articulated  temperature probe type model is usually used. A seperate TSI Pressure & Velocity Pitot module is used for duct pressure readings and duct velocity measurements.

smoke testing

We use hand held Draeger Smoke Machine units, along with Martin Smoke Machine units to ensure that a trully accurate visual inspection can be undertaken to ensure that the LEV system is containing the hazards to be controlled.

test points & schematics

All LEV Test Points (T.P) are recorded on an isometeric LEV system schematic that also indicates Duct Velocity Measurements, along with system pressure and hood extraction readings to give a clear understanding of how the LEV system is performing.

video inspection

 We offer an in-duct video inspection service for critical duct runs that have an inherint risk of blockage as a result from process work such as edge banding or have extended horizontal runs that may be subject to a build up of dust detrimental to the performance of the LEV system.